The Three-Hour Reset Rule & The Big Reveal

This article about the three-hour reset rule makes a lot of sense. I eat about every 3-4 hours… if I wait too long to eat, I get too hungry and end up eating more calories. I rarely do emotional eating anymore (that’s the pits, plus it doesn’t solve one damn thing) because I track every bite on My Fitness Pal. Tracking my food helps me to take out the emotional or judgmental aspect out of eating, and it becomes all about the numbers.

The numbers are fun for me; I’m always curious about those macros and micros. BUT I never buy desserts, processed foods or junk foods anymore. They’re not in the house at all. Ever. So if I eat too many calories, they’re still 100% healthy calories, with no or little added sugar.

Going out to eat is still my biggest struggle. My boyfriend is coming down soon to visit me for four days… I gotta get this figured out, because he’s going to want to go out on the town and that will definitely include drinking beer.

Sure, it’s preferable for me to go out to restaurants that offer meals for 500 calories or less and to stick to drinking water (sodium is still a big issue in any restaurant, but it’s the lesser of all the evils). And even if I do have a wonderful dessert or a glass of wine or beer with my meal, I don’t beat myself up about it afterwards. It’s just that the aftermath is harder. I tend to crave more foods and carbs after my fun day(s) out on the town.

Luckily, I don’t crave sweets (I’m no longer addicted to sugar), but I crave 100% whole wheat bread and whole grain oat cereal (with zero added sugar). I could just eat that oat cereal straight out of the box, like people mindlessly eat buttered popcorn or potato chips. I know, right? Lol!

So I end up white-knuckling it a bit for about a week after eating out—plus the slightest deviation from how I normally eat makes the scale creep up. It’s frustrating because then I have to re-lose the few pounds I had just lost prior to going out. My metabolism is slower than the average female’s, which also kinda sucks. Once I get myself back into the gym though, it gets my head on straight again.

Hell, I’d rather be a gym junkie than a junk food junkie anyway, right? 😃

Guess it’s time for the Big Reveal: I’ve lost 105 pounds so far, plus I’ve packed on a lot of muscle. I can feel my abs (can’t see them yet) and my quads are getting really strong. I upped my cardio to Level 11 on the stationary bike, Interval mode, for 35 minutes. My heart rate is great—it doesn’t usually go higher than 138 and it also comes down quickly. I’m probably in the best condition of my life at 62 (muscle definition-wise), and I was athletic as a kid (swimming, running, ballet, jazz dancing).

I had blood tests last week; I’ll find out the results this coming Wednesday. Fingers crossed that the results are even better than last December’s results, which were stellar.

Who says shopping is bad for you? 😉

I estimate that I walked and stood for about 7 1/2 hours at South Coast Plaza (both sides) on Friday. However, my entire body later rebelled that night… I couldn’t sleep because I was so sore…!

But we still went to the gym on Saturday. I had a lot of energy, however—so much that a young woman remarked on it and a guy around my age flirted with me (and I wasn’t even wearing makeup!) Lol!

Saturday night, I went to a very joyful party celebrating a very happy occasion, and reconnected with a family I hadn’t seen in several years. That was fun and heartwarming. ❤️

I had eaten an early dinner before going to the party. I didn’t eat one bite of food at the party—it all looked great, but I had already decided before going to the party that I wasn’t going to undo all my hard work for a moment of pleasure. (Besides, food no longer holds sway over me—I control what I eat, not the other way around.)

And I stuck to my decision, even when standing next to a table full of desserts and watching a darling little boy eat a chocolate chip cookie!

It truly was no sacrifice.

If there’s one thing I would like to impart to everyone is that once you get rid of your sugar addiction, you no longer crave sugar. In fact, you no longer really care for sweets. Fruits and vegetables taste amazing to you once again, and learning to cook with an array of spices instead of too much salt and fatty ingredients is sheer heaven.

As for walking all those hours—many of my followers here no doubt remember that even after my meniscus surgery, I couldn’t walk for ten minutes without considerable pain. I had been in physical therapy for several years (shoulder, back and knees) and building muscle at the gym. I now have fairly strong quads, but none of that did enough to alleviate the pain because the meniscus being torn for a decade allowed arthritis to screw up my left knee.

I finally got a cortisone shot in my left knee and then was on prednisone in December for my right knee.

I was lucky; both treatments worked for me.

Today, my body is still recovering from all that walking… that was definitely too much. I had to use Voltaren gel last night in order to get a proper night’s sleep. A massage would be sheer heaven… I’d schedule one but don’t know where to go for a great massage.

So today and tomorrow I’ll be active, but resting. Tuesday is back to the gym. 😊

Total weight loss to date: 97 pounds.

It’s Not Funny

I’ll tell you what’s not funny. It’s not funny when you go to your ortho surgeon to arrange for a cortisone shot for your other knee because it’s been acting up, but he tells you he thinks you’ve got a torn meniscus and that you need another frickin’ operation.

That’s what’s not funny.

I’m NOT going to hit another weight loss plateau and be stuck for months and months at the same damn weight. I mean, hell, I’m still rehabbing my shoulder after January’s shoulder surgery.

NO. I refuse. R-E-F-U-S-E. I’ll get down to a certain weight and then I’ll have the surgery… maybe in the spring.

The MRI is in November. I’ll know more about what’s wrong with my knee after Thanksgiving.

16th Day Working Out

Hopefully, this isn’t too boring for people to read… but posting about helps keep me motivated. I’ve never exercised more than seven days in a row, so this is great! And it definitely has made positive changes in my stamina, building muscle, and losing weight.

Even though I wasn’t as into it today as I was yesterday, I did a cardio workout. I even extended it to 30 minutes. But I can tell I need to ice my left knee, darn it.

Later in the afternoon, I’ll go in the pool for about 35 minutes, even though the pool hasn’t been cleaned since the fire broke out. Ewww! 😳 I don’t put my face in the water or touch the bottom. And yes, I’ve brought the subject up several times to my landlord via text, who just happens to be the president of the HOA. He hasn’t even bothered to answer me.

I just came up with a new mini-goal. I already have two mini-goals, one by my birthday and another by Xmas. So in January, I’d like to buy Zumba shoes and start taking Zumba classes.

I live to dance (and sing) so it’ll be perfect for me. ☺️

Tomorrow, it’s the gym!

Thanks for reading, everyone. Your encouraging comments mean a lot to me. ❤️

Workin’ It!

Hey, I’ve worked out ten days in a row! Very cool, huh?

Plus, per a weekly report generated by My Fitness Pal, I stuck to my nutritional goals by consuming an average of 1,255 calories/day of food from Oct 2 – Oct 8. Not only is that right within goal, but it’s especially gratifying considering I had worked out every single day.

My weight loss plateau is officially over!

I’ve got PT tomorrow, which is a workout for my shoulders and arms. I may swim afterwards if the pool is free from ash from the fire. If not, I’ll dance around my bedroom for cardio. 😉

Thursday, I’m hitting the gym. Friday is my last PT for my shoulder. Ever. It looks like I’m finally graduating. 😎

Anyway, it was a good workout today, although it was sandwiched in between two doctor appointments. Since I had limited time, I chose to do 40 minutes of cardio and over 20 minutes of strength training. I managed to hit everything: arms, abs, calfs and legs, and hip adductors.

But the weirdest thing happened after I left the last doctor appointment (which is only a few blocks from the gym). Now get this: after the Cypress gym workout on Sunday, I witnessed a high-speed police chase. When we left the Garden Grove gym on Monday, we were enveloped by smoke and ash. So I couldn’t help but wonder what else would happen today…

And sure enough, just as I was passing the Cypress gym location, I got caught up in traffic. I saw a police car and someone being loaded into an ambulance. Apparently, I had just missed a car crash. Sure hope the person will be OK!

But no more drama after gym. Please!


I hit a milestone today. I've logged my food, water, and exercise on My Fitness Pal for 750 consecutive days. That's more than two years!

Logging my exercise helps me to keep track of how many times I'm exercising each week. And I love that I don't have to remember what weight I use for each machine, plus I get stoked when I get to increase my weights.

I find it very helpful to log my food. Sometimes when I feel like eating more food, I think, ooh, if I eat that, I have to log it and see all those calories add up. Or I think, gee, I haven't eaten enough protein, so what can I eat that will help me balance my macros better?

Even if I still just decide, oh what the hell, I want to eat more carbs or go over my caloric limit, at least I've thought twice about it.

Logging my food has made me more mindful, which puts me in control instead of food controlling me.

Keeping a daily food log has also helped me reverse pre-diabetes in about seven months time back in 2015, and I've kept my blood glucose normal ever since. I've also lost about 64 lbs.

My next goal is to lose 30 lbs.

Weekend Update

Well, thought I'd check in, use the new WordPress editor, and say hi to everyone. Let's see, what's new?

How about medial malleolus bursitis? That's ankle bursitis to you. It's getting worse on my right ankle, and it's even starting on my left. So I'm going to have my right ankle x-rayed on Monday, and my PCP put in an authorization so I can go to my knee ortho for consultation. It's starting to affect my walking… now I've started limping on my right leg when I walk more than ten minutes. 😢

Next Tuesday, I get to consult with my shoulder ortho about my left shoulder… so much winning. 😜

I'm still going to physical therapy for my right shoulder. The range of motion isn't too bad, but I'm still too weak. But hey, I get to use 1 – 3 lb. weights now. That's an improvement!

Such a fun week… This past Tuesday, I had just gotten on the freeway when I heard a weird sound and the car didn't feel quite right. That's when I realized I had a flat. I limped off the freeway, turned right and pulled into the first driveway.

I parked in front of some gun shop. It consisted of a small lobby and a large warehouse in the back. They did gun engraving or some such nonsense. It was 2 p.m., and I was dying in the heat. Do you know that the jerk wouldn't let me wait inside for help to arrive?

All the guys in there acted very strangely—makes you wonder if they were engaged in illegal activities or something. 🤔

Oh, btw, the darn rear passenger-side tire was shredded. So much winning. Again. 😳

A healthy habit improvement

I've been exercising more lately and drinking lots of water. I didn't realize it, but I've been mildly but chronically dehydrated for years. Now I drink at least 92 oz. of water daily and one day, I drank a gallon of water!

Once I added lemons or lime, mint, and strawberries to chilled water, it made all the difference. Now I enjoy drinking water! To my delight, my tiny veins have even plumped up and I can kinda-sorta see them. That'll make my phlebotomist happy. 🤣


Fighting Anti-Intellectualism 

The dumbing down of America has never been more apparent and, as such, is highly concerning. More and more Americans spit, metaphorically speaking, at intellectuals and attempt to denigrate them by calling them “elitists.” 

But ignorance is not something to be revered or admired; it is lamentable. Ignorance fuels fear, hatred, and bigotry. Ignorance is now driving our politics and is responsible for America’s descent into populism and isolationism.

I grew up thinking intelligence and intellectualism were totally cool. But I was brought up by parents that considered the arts, intellectualism, and reading to be invaluable. We kids were dragged to many museums throughout Europe and the United States, and yes, we were forced to watch opera on TV by my mother. We also were taken to see live theater and classical concerts, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

But Dad was the one who made education and reading fun. I started reading the classics by age eight (Dumas, Scott, Dickens, etc.) because Dad had told us that he had loved those thrilling stories as a child. 

Dad knew more about a wide variety of subjects than I could ever hope to know. It wasn’t until I became involved with computers in the 80s did I finally find a subject in which I surpassed him.

I remember I once gave Dad an ancient computer (it had a: and b: drives) and my old university book about programming in Basic. He actually taught himself how to program in Basic while in his 80s and wrote financial programs for himself. 

Then my sister gave him her old computer with Windows 95 on it. Dad enjoyed mastering the GUI interface. I’d visit and teach him about email, Word, Excel, etc. He only had difficulty managing the mouse. It was funny watching him shove the mouse across the pad. 

Dad was 85 at the time and dying of COPD, but he never stopped learning. My beloved father retained his curiosity about the world around him until he fell into a coma and died.

We must always strive for more knowledge; intellectualism should be cherished, and ignorance must be overcome.

The Danger to Our Democracy 

We expect the president to rise above petty arguments, to help enact wise policies that will enrich all of our lives, and to uphold the constitution. That includes freedom of the press. We want a president of whom we can be proud. But when the president engages in petty behavior like his most recent media-bashing tweets, it not only divides our country even further, it also embarrasses our country throughout the world and lowers our standing. People in other countries are now laughing at us. 

This is not a partisan matter—party leaders need to stop enabling Trump when he attacks the free press.

I wrote the following to address the issues at stake: