Deep Water Aerobics

Taken poolside with iPhone after water aerobics workout.

After water aerobics workout.

My body was a mess. I could hardly move. I knew that some form of Aqua therapy was essential to my recovery. I was approved for PT, but Aqua therapy wasn’t part of the package.

So I found that Deep Water Aerobics is offered through the City of Los Alamitos at the Joint Forces Training Base on Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. It’s $5/class for a drop-in. Anyway, I took my first water aerobics class in late June, then took two more classes in July and have been going steadily ever since.

I supplement that hour-long workout with 30 minutes of water aerobics in the deep end of the little pool where I live. I swear by water aerobics. My knees have improved, I’ve got better range of motion and improved mobility, my core is stronger, and it’s helped relieve some of the tendinitis in my arms. For years, I haven’t been able to lift a gallon of milk without grunting because I had injured my rotator cuff twice in 2013, But finally there’s been some improvement in my arms also.

Taken with my iPhone.

Taken with my iPhone.

Wow. My iPhone doesn’t take good pool-at-sunset photos, does it? Suffice to say, it was very pretty to work out doing water aerobics surrounded by a colorful sunset. Anyway, my arms were a little tender from yesterday’s arms day at the gym yesterday, but all was good. Hey, if I work out on Friday, that will make it workout #5 since last Saturday. 😎

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