Have You Eaten Enough Potassium Today?

imageI’ve been tracking my food in the free app, My Fitness Pal. I’m able to track my calories, my macronutrients, my vitamins and minerals, fiber, etc.

But I looked at my nutrients today, only to discover that I’m not getting enough potassium. I eat spinach, mushrooms, cantaloupe, milk and yogurt, but it looks like I need to diversify my meals even more. Part of the problem for me personally, is that I can’t eat foods high in carbs, such as potatoes or sweet potatoes.

Or if I do eat sweet potatoes, I better cut out some other carbs that day, and make sure I eat plenty of protein with that sweet potato to counterbalance any raising of my blood glucose. I love sun-dried tomatoes, and since they’re a good source of potassium… even better than regular tomatoes… I’d be more apt to eat sun-dried tomatoes instead of sweet potatoes.

But potassium is SO important. Helps reduce risks of strokes, lower blood pressure, etc. However, be very careful if you’ve been diagnosed with certain kidney diseases as you might not be able to eat much potassium. Check with your doctor if you’re not sure. And, as with any weight loss or exercise plan, it’s advisable to check with your doctor first.

For more information on potassium-rich foods, click on the link below:



2 thoughts on “Have You Eaten Enough Potassium Today?

    • fithotbod says:

      I know what you mean! I’m getting about half the amount I should. You could try using the free app My Fitness Pal to track your nutrients for awhile. It’s easy to use and I Conan help you with it too.


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