PT for My Knees

This is a great stretch, but I can only handle it in the pool. Can't do it on dry land.

This is a great quad stretch, but I can only handle it in the pool. Can’t do it on dry land. Yet.

Had my first PT appointment for my poor arthritic knees on Wednesday morning. My left knee is a lot worse than my right knee. Anyway, the therapist massaged my knees and calves first. Geez. Next time, I’m gonna make sure I shave my legs first. LOL! Anyway, I was pretty sore.

Then they put me through a series of exercises. I’m better than I was because of the water aerobics, but I couldn’t believe that doing a simple knee slide would bother me so much. The skin on my left knee felt tight due to edema and just sliding my leg and down worked my abductors. They iced my knee for 10 minutes after I was all done with the exercises. But it started burning! It didn’t feel too cold, just burned. Afterwards, my skin was icy cold and red. So the PT therapist told me that next time, remind them to put an extra layer between the ice and my skin. And he said that the reason my skin got so red was cuz the blood stayed in one spot, and I’m pretty fair. I laughed.

But seriously, my legs aren’t blinding white. I’ve been wearing nothing but shorts or a bathing suit all summer, so it’s not like you have to shield your eyes from the glare. Really! 😜

Then I went to Trader Joe’s and headed home to drink some much needed caffeine… err, I mean coffee, and I ate some lunch. Didn’t get enough sleep the night before and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I needed a nap, especially since I was going to the gym that night. So nap I did!


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