Used a Cane at the Gym! Good Grief.

imageYep! It’s true. Becky and I met at the gym to work out on Wednesday evening. I was happy to go cuz we hadn’t been able to do this for a couple of weeks now. But when I got out of my car, I was suddenly slammed with pain in my left knee and hip. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t put weight on it, nor could I straighten my leg. Talk about bad timing.

Obviously, that morning’s PT aggravated my osteoarthritis. But here I’d been fine all day, so to say I was surprised at this sudden onset would be an understatement. Luckily, there was a cane in my car (I leave it in my car just for occasions like this) and somehow I hobbled across the parking lot to the entrance. Unfortunately, I wasn’t parked nearby and hobbling is slow. And embarrassing. I admit that a couple of unladylike swear words might have passed my lips

Becky was sure shocked to see me in this condition. I told her I couldn’t get on the bike, so I suggested we work on arms. I could tell she was disappointed cuz she wanted to get some cardio in, but she agreed.

I was worried about trying to get on/off the machines, but somehow I managed. I wasn’t gonna let this setback slow me down. One part of your body is injured? You can still work on the uninjured part, which is what I did.

As I was doing the last set of reps on the last machine, I realized that my hip and knee had relaxed and that I could straighten my leg pretty good. I don’t know if my knee got better cuz my muscles warmed up, or the tramadol I had taken had kicked in (or a combo thereof), but somehow Becky and I ended up being able to do 25 minutes of cardio after all.



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