Low Glycemic Load Diet

I love potatoes, but sadly, since I'm pre-diabetic, I can't eat any.

I love potatoes, but since I’m pre-diabetic, I don’t eat any.

Hmmm… A low glycemic load diet is healthy as it prevents your glucose levels from spiking, which is good for everyone to follow. But if you’re pre-diabetic or diabetic, it’s essential that you stick to foods that have a low glycemic load. And if you’re 45 years old or older, are overweight, and especially if you carry any belly fat, it’s healthier to be on a low-glycemic load diet.

This article covers some good information, but it is missing some key elements. First of all, it’s more accurate to follow a low glycemic LOAD diet as opposed to a low glycemic INDEX diet. AND always eat a protein and a healthy fat at the same time you’re eating ANY carbs.

Non-starchy veggies are very nutritious, for example, especially roasted or grilled. But, throw some feta cheese on top, and not only has the taste improved, but you’ve just added some additional protein. Even though non-starchy vegetables are low in calories and carbs, it’s good to get in the habit of always eating a balanced meal.

Feta, part-skim mozzarella, and Parmesan cheeses are cheeses that are low in fat. Most cheese has too much fat, however, so if you’re trying to lose weight, cutting down on fat and cholesterol, or trying to obtain those shredded abs, skip the higher fat cheeses and stick to these low-fat cheeses. Goat cheese is yummy, but since it has more fat than feta, eat sparingly.

Here’s a list of low glycemic load foods, but if you’re concerned about your glucose levels, be sure to choose foods listed at 10 or under. Stay away from bananas and raisins, for example, and remember an average baked russet potato is 33. WAY too high. That’s why pre-diabetics like me can’t eat potatoes.

Oh, and here’s an important tip for the 45-year-old and older crowd… If you haven’t had a full blood panel done in over a year, please do so. That’s the time when metabolic changes can hit suddenly, and you could become pre-diabetic and not even know it. Believe me, taking preventive measures is so much easier than dealing with treatment measures.

I refuse to become diabetic. The last thing I want is to have to check my blood sugar daily, inject myself with glucose daily, be on a more restrictive diet than I already am, and be worried about nerve pain, or losing my eyesight or toes. No thank you! So I’m going to lose a lot more weight, get down to a BMI between 15-20%, exercise 5 times/week, and I plan on eating a low-glycemic load diet for the rest of my life.

I’m going to stare diabetes dead in the face, challenge it, and beat it. Plus, I’m going to enjoy the hell outta the added bonus of looking dead sexy for a 59/60-year-old, too. Now that’s a win-win I can wrap my head around!

Today’s Weight Loss Update: 35 lbs. Oh, btw, I’m already exercising 5 times/week. Woot!


4 thoughts on “Low Glycemic Load Diet

  1. New Journey says:

    Thanks…very interesting…there is so much to food that it make your head spin….I really appreciate all your input….every little bit helps…..hope your heat wave is over….we are cloudy and with a promise of a couple rain drops…I will believe it when I feel it….LOL kat

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