Personal Victories

imageMy plan was to post this Wednesday night, but I was catching up with friends after my workout. So here’s my personal fitness update for Wednesday.

Becky, my partner in crime, and I met at the gym for our usual Wednesday night workout. We started off with some arms, worked on hip abducters, and quads. I had to work carefully because of my knees. But hey, if anyone has some tips to strengthen the quads, yet not put too much stress on the knees, LMK! We finished up with 30 minutes of cardio. Becky had to leave after that, but I stayed on by myself.

I worked on abs… Just love that ab crunch machine! I set the weight for that and for the back extension machine at 70 lbs. That’s my personal best so far. Considering in May that I was doubting I even had abs, this is pretty cool.

Then I worked on arm curls, and other arm machines. Then I figured out the machine that deals with the rear deltoids and the pec fly, all by my lonesome! I know, it’s not a big deal to all you buff, shredded people out there, but for me, it was a minor victory.

Another personal victory? I worked out for two hours, surpassing last Saturday’s workout by a half hour. So this week has already proven to be a week of firsts, starting out with working out 7 days/week. In fact, Becky and I will do deep water aerobics on Saturday and then we’re adding on an extra day at the gym on Sunday. So this means two days at the gym and five days doing deep water aerobics, plus PT. I’ve added new machines to my repertoire, have upped many of the weights on the existing machines, and Becky and I are now doing three reps of 15 instead of two.

So yeah, what with the strides in strength and endurance, plus the encouragement and kind words from my friends, all this has helped to keep me motivated. And another thing? I’m enjoying the heck out of it!


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