Predicament Solved… or Won’t You Lay Me Down in the Tall Grass and Let Me Do My Stuff?

imageI was in such a quandary today. Women, I’m sure you can all relate. I had a pedi this morning. I now had silky smooth legs… But if I did aqua aerobics, my legs would get dried out. And I couldn’t go to the gym today. So what’s a girl to do?

I decided to walk around my complex, and then do all my PT exercises. No way was I gonna skip a day, since today is Day 5 in my 7-Day/Week Exercise Regime.

First, I worked on my triceps, then I walked around my complex. I carried my iPhone with me, blaring Fleetwood Mac. Rhiannon and Don’t Stop served as my warm-up, but then Second Hand News started playing. Naturally, I began walking much faster, in rhythm to the music. And of course, I had to sing along, especially when it came to my favorite line, “Won’t you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff.” Sexy line!

I walked 25 minutes. Gonna do PT exercises a bit later. I can’t wait until my left knee heals. Hey, if you had been constantly tackled at the knees by a 75 lb. female golden retriever (cuz she thought it was funny to bring Mom down) ten years ago, your knee wouldn’t be tracking properly either. Right? That girl must have thought she was tryin’ out for the Patriots, or somethin’.

Once the knee gets a little better, and I can wear something slinky, it’d be fun to go clubbing again. I just love to dance.


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