Massage is Bliss

A massage sounds like HEAVEN.

A massage sounds like HEAVEN.

I think I deserve a full body MASSAGE, don’t you? When I was playing a lot of tennis with my pal, Jim, I got massages often. Dan was a great massage therapist. He’d work out the knots I’d accumulate during the week. Never got injured playing tennis.

Dan didn’t believe in deep tissue massage. When I asked him why, he replied with a question of his own. He asked me what was my reaction when I felt pain during a massage. My response was that I’d tighten up. Exactly, he replied. Tightening up was the antithesis of what we were trying to accomplish. But still, to this day, whenever my gluts are massaged, even with the slightest pressure, I’m off the table. I’m not sure where all this pain comes from… But ow! It hurts!

Anyway, I worked out a lot this week. 7 days/week. And if you want to see what I did during the 2 hrs, 15 minutes we were at the gym today, find Sunday night’s post that gives you the deets.


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