Prevent Illness Through Diet

imageImportant info for everyone to prevent heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Since these foods fight inflammation, i would imagine that it will help those with fibro, lupus and other auto-immune diseases to feel better.

I’ve been feeling so much better since I started eating clean. The only packaged food I still eat is cereal. I recently found an organic cereal that is very low in sugar; I’ll post about that in a minute. I buy Greek yogurt. The healthiest is low-fat/non-fat plain Greek yogurt. When I get tired of that, I switch to Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt.

Look for organic and non-GMO foods. STOP eating processed foods. No frozen meals, microwaveable dinners, pre-cooked rotisserie chickens (check the ingredients; often a whole bunch of junk is added to them). Fast food is unhealthy and is way too high in sodium.

No sodas. I used to buy Bai5 because I really wanted the sweet flavors. But now, all I drink is water (and coffee in the morning so I can wake up.)

Basically what this boils down to is: buy fresh veggies and cook!


5 thoughts on “Prevent Illness Through Diet

  1. New Journey says:

    cool.. I am following most of the guidelines….exception I don’t eat fish and I stay away from most meat…I used to drink zero vitamin water but it still contained a bad sugar…so gave it up…I drink water with lemon a lot and have only one coffee generally in the morning..but I have given up all processed food, can’t believe how much better I feel…been months …I recently tried the triple zero Oikos and loved it….I was at Target and they had greek pumpkin yogart….so I am giving myself a pass daily for my pumpkin fix, its only low in salt and 130 calories…and soooo good…LOL thanks for the great post…..kat.

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    • fithotbod says:

      Yeah, I’ll have the Chobani pumpkin spice Greek yogurt. It’s a little higher in sugar than I want, but it’s clean and tastes good. Certainly a better way to have pumpkin spice! I’m drinking a pumpkin spice coffee from Trader Joe in the mornings, with a little half n half. So I can still have my little weakness but still losing weight. Cutting down on carbs and upping the protein is a good way to lose weight. I found an article on that. Will post that too. I’ve lost 36 lbs., so finally hit my First Big Goal. Going to treat myself to a massage. My reward! 😊


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