Rowdy Navy SEALs & other musings

imageThis post will be a bit different today, and will cover several topics. The last bit will be all about some crazy Navy SEALs, so stick around for that amusing and true anecdote.

Last night, a Facebook pal and I stayed up too late Messaging each other. He’s a night owl like me, and we have fun chatting. But I sure didn’t want to get up today when 7 a.m. rolled around way too early. Then my exercise partner texted me saying she wasn’t going to water aerobics. I was SO tempted to go back to bed. I even told her I’d probably go back to bed.

But as I was texting her that, I knew. I just knew I was going to go. And I did.

It’s so odd for me, but I’ve been exercising regularly since June, and now it’s become my new habit. To NOT go would feel like a sin. And if I can exercise regularly, anyone can. Seriously folks. I know all the excuses. But you’re only sabotaging yourself, only hurting yourself and your loved ones by not exercising or eating healthy.

It’s a matter of making up your mind to accomplish a goal and sticking to it. That drives it. Is it easy? Sometimes. Sometimes it’s not, especially when life gets in the way.

The temptation to slide back into old habits niggles at me once in awhile since I’ve had a setback with my knee. I even got mildly depressed about it. But I didn’t close up and go inward. Instead, I posted and blogged about it and received many uplifting, encouraging, and caring comments from people.

Thank you again to all those who helped me rise above my “woe is me” state of mind. You guys made a difference.

Today is a pretty day. Blue sky, warm sun. 80 degrees. The pool was warm. We only had four people in our class today, so it was nice.

Suzanne, our instructor, noticed my fuchsia-colored taped knee. I couldn’t wait to tell her about my torn meniscus cuz she had had the same thing! So she told me about her surgery and the aftermath. She told me that she could see I was stubborn like she was and that it would be hard to keep me immobile. I kinda grinned at that. Yep. I’d probably try to do too much too soon. But, I listen to my body too, so we’ll see.

Water aerobics was good today. Suzanne had us swimming freestyle across the pool, keeping our heads above water. I took off fast and was determined to speed across as fast as I could. Now that’s a good workout. Talk about cardio!

I stayed after class for 15 minutes and did more laps and worked on my abs too. Suzanne said I could stay until 12:30 as that’s when lap swimming ends. Gee, all this for $5. So cool. I’ll try to stay longer next Saturday.

Freestyle was my best stroke as a kid. My form used to be stellar. But now my form needs tweaking. When I told Suzanne that, she offered to stay after class the next time she teaches in three weeks and help me with my form!

I was excited and accepted readily. I’d like her to tweak my backstroke and sidestroke too. They’re good, but form can always be improved upon. She made her offer to the rest of the class, too.

So now I have to buy a bathing cap and goggles. Really? I wore bathing caps all up to my teen years and swore I never would again. Hate those things. But I can’t have my hair in the way when I’m taking a breath, so I guess I have to suck it up and buy one.

Where is a good place to go? Anyone?

I love swimming, and it’s something I’m good at. I started off my exercise regime doing water aerobics, knowing that I love swimming, that I move easily in the water, that it wouldn’t put stress on my joints… All this set me up for success.

Start with something you enjoy. Biking, swimming, walking, whatever it may be. Keep at it, build up your strength, and then branch out when you’re feeling stronger and more confident.

Now for the SEAL story. You see the building way at the end in my picture? Well, it appears that a bunch of rowdy Navy SEALs leaped off the roof and into the pool at the base one midnight during the summer. Upon hearing this, I immediately wondered out loud if they had been drunk. Suzanne offered that there was a pub nearby, so it was a good possibility.

Can you imagine? Well, these big idiots damaged the roof during their escapade… they actually put holes in it! There was a work crew up there fixing it today, and it looked as though they were also adding a barrier to prevent these testosterone-fueled Big Children from doing this again. Men! Right?

Pretty funny. Except if they had hit the pavement…? Not so funny then. And these guys are defending our country?? LOL! They’re fearless risk-takers and they thrive on that adrenaline rush. I guess that’s why they’re SEALs and we’re not.

But I’d say that was a stupid thing to do. OK, I’m going out on a limb here and saying it was DRUNK and STUPID!

Now, I’d never jump off a roof. For one thing, I’m too sensible. For another, I’m afraid of heights.

I’m a water baby. I’ve told y’all that before. I’ve been swimming since I was a tiny kid. Took swimming lessons, entered into competitions for two years (won 2nd, then first). But when the instructor took us up to the high-dive platform… I was like, uh-uh. Nooooo. I had to jump off it several times, but I never enjoyed it.

It sure didn’t help that my grandfather told me later that night to make sure to keep my legs together when I jumped into a pool from a great height or the force of the landing would RIP me in two!

Can you imagine Grandpa actually told me that? Complete with hand gestures, too. R-I-I-I-P!!

I didn’t tell my parents what Grandpa had told me until many decades after he passed away. They sure weren’t happy that he had scared me like that. But yeah, it’s maybe why I’m not fond of heights-???

But then why did I go up in a glider when I was 22 years old? We are talking no engine, ya know? I was up there for 40 minutes and loved every second.

I think my natural personality is outgoing and adventurous, but it’s tempered with caution because I had older, overly protective parents. It’s an odd split. But hey, I’m not complaining. I’ve never had an urge to jump off roofs into pools anyway!

Have a great weekend, y’all and Happy Exercising!

2 thoughts on “Rowdy Navy SEALs & other musings

    • fithotbod says:

      Hey, that’s great! It was cooler here and I got home late… The heater is turned off, so I didn’t go. I don’t know if I’ll be locked out today or not. I hope not. I need the exercise.


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