Blood Tests? An MRI? What’s Next?

The MRI machine that I'll likely be using.

The MRI machine that I’ll likely be using.

Ack! Tomorrow is my blood panel. I’m confident about everything but my A1C and other glucose tests. Those numbers better have come down! I’ve been exercising, getting fit, I’ve lost 13% of my body weight so far, and I’ve cut way back on carbs and sugars… But ya never know. Plus, the last time I had my blood drawn, the gal had to ask me to come back cuz my veins refused to give up one drop of blood. So, keep your fingers crossed for me.

I got my referral for my MRI for my knee, so I called yesterday to make an appointment. Took the first available. I’m going next Tuesday at 7:45 PM. Well, the MRI is scheduled from 8-9, but I have to come in early to fill out paperwork. Weird to have it at night, huh?

It kinda feels odd to have an MRI at all. I’ve heard how some people are claustrophobic, etc. Well, I was looking for some information on getting an MRI for your knee, and I found an article that mentioned that sometimes a dye is injected. I’m not a happy camper AT ALL! I better not have to have a dye injected-??!! Waah-!!

Hey, has anyone reading this ever have a torn meniscus-?? Did you have dye injected when you had your MRI done? A couple of people told me that when they had their MRIs done for their knee or back, it was in an open-sided machine. Unfortunately, when I Goggled the place I’m supposed to go to, the only pic they showed was a traditional MRI machine. 😦

I wish I had asked Suzanne, my water aerobics instructor, what to expect when she had an MRI done for her torn meniscus.

Anyway, please keep those positive thoughts coming! It’s greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Blood Tests? An MRI? What’s Next?

  1. New Journey says:

    I have had 2 MRI’s and neither were with contrast…yay and both I was laying outside the machine and only my hip area down were in the tube….just really loud….you’ll be fine….I am so glad your getting it done…it should give you some answers…..kat

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