Life’s Little Journeys

Well, ain’t this the truth? I may not have reached my goals yet, but at least I’m healthier than I was at this time last year.

My knee issue, which had plagued me on and off for ten years was finally diagnosed last year (torn meniscus), which culminated in knee surgery 5 1/2 months ago. But the knee is still swollen, it’s still healing, and I’m now dealing with scar tissue.

Hey, the good news is that the knee surgery is behind me. Right?

After the surgery, it drove me nuts to see how weak I had become. Couldn’t bend my knee very much. I had some initial progress but then it just kinda stopped. So frustrating.

Now I’m seeing some progress again. I worked out twice today. First I went to PT, and then I worked out in the pool after I got home. It could be four more months, or possibly more, to heal fully, my therapist said. Oh, well.

Not really sure my knee will ever be 100% again, but that’s my goal.

Life’s little journeys.

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