Ben on Stay engaged with Trump supporters

Good article that addresses several talking points… Interestingly  enough, I’ve been posting for over a year that DT is a conman who certainly didn’t give a rat’s a** about us and pleading with people to not get conned. It didn’t help. At all.

I didn’t call his supporters names or claimed that they were racist, although I admit to using colorful adjectives and monikers while describing DT himself. Yet all during the election, total strangers would leave comments on my Facebook posts, scolding me for being a liberal and a Democrat.

That really used to make me laugh when they labeled me a liberal Democrat because I was raised conservative. In fact, I had always voted Republican until DT. But in no way would I vote for a man whom I believed was a racist, sexist, morally corrupt, narcissistic, autocratic bully.

I’d explain to my dissenters that I was a conservative, but they didn’t believe me and dismissed me as a liberal.

The issues were discussed daily on Facebook. I pleaded with fellow Republicans to consider voting for another nominee (practically anyone but DT), but nothing I said led any of his supporters to open their minds to what I believed to be the truth.

His supporters refused to listen to one word against their hero. They ignored obvious signs that DT was sexist, racist, or narcissistic. Even during “P***ygate,” his supporters would ignore DT’s self-admitted incidents of sexual assault against women. Instead, they’d point their fingers at Bill Clinton and his extracurricular activities, even though he wasn’t the one running for office.

In fact, DT’s supporters were rarely able to defend his behavior, tweets, or expressed policies, even when challenged to do so. They’d attack Hillary or Bill Clinton instead.

I agree with the sentiments expressed here in Ben’s post. Don’t call someone a racist or an enabler of a sexual predator just because they’re a DT supporter. Well, unless they happen to belong to a hate group or something like that. But do I think these tactics will sway anyone?

No. I don’t. Sadly, most people won’t acknowledge DT’s failings until something he does affects them negatively. It will have to be a personal loss in order for any of his supporters to acknowledge that they were conned.

Another crucial aspect of this is Fox News coverage of DT. Evangelicals have told me that I shouldn’t trust the “liberal media,” such as CNN. They get their news from Fox News and other conservative media. If Fox News reported on this administration’s propensity to lie and spread propaganda, then perhaps there will be a chance for his supporters to see that they’ve been used, manipulated, and generally conned.

But even if Fox News and other conservative news media report on some of the more grievous offenses of this administration, they will always peddle the Republican agenda. So instead of presenting a balanced picture of DT, they will minimize his offenses. It will certainly be a cold day in hell before they turn on DT and expose him in the manner in which he deserves.

But the time for partisanship has passed. We must stand up together for what is right. We must defend our constitution and refuse to be motivated by fear and hatred. And we must take back our country; otherwise, democracy, as we know it, will be in tatters.


The Roundabout

Published today on, I argue that respect and engagement are our only path forward as a nation.  An excerpt:

I am firmly opposed to Donald Trump, but because of where I live, I know a lot of good and decent people who voted for him.  If I feel the urge to disparage Trump supporters as a group, I have to reconcile that urge with what I know about the Trump voters with whom I work, eat and pray.

There are unquestionably people who voted for Trump for ugly reasons, and those folks are probably beyond persuasion (at least by me), but I’ve decided I’m going to spend the next four years trying to persuade the good and decent people; to appeal to their reason and the “better angels of their nature.”

Persuading them means addressing the motivations they’ve expressed, not the motivations we might ascribe to them based on the…

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