I’ve Had Better Days

I’ve also had better weeks. And worse weeks.

Saw my knee ortho (PA) yesterday and shoulder ortho today.

Knee: PA advises cortisone shot. I tentatively scheduled it for May 10. Weirdly, the knee buckled slightly when I stood up at the shoulder ortho today. But, it held. 

I went swimming the other day. Could do a great scissor kick while on my left side for the first time in I don’t know how long. That was amazing! But I had great difficulty doing the side stroke on my right side because of my shoulder, so I couldn’t test out my scissor kick there.

Right Shoulder: Random hardcore pain in R arm. We’re talking a 10/10 on the pain scale. Ice is highly effective in stopping the pain. The pain started two weeks ago today, out of the blue, which is why I scheduled my follow-up with my ortho a couple of weeks early. 

The surgeon tested it. The shoulder is now grinding and clicking, and there’s a smaller range of motion than there had been up until two weeks ago. The arm is also a bit weaker. 

The ortho is requesting a new MRI with dye to see if it’s torn (which would require another surgery) or if it’s just inflammation. This is freaking me out because they have to start an IV on you, and I just don’t trust the techs to do a great job, especially since my veins run, hide, roll, and collapse at the sight of a needle. 

From what I’ve read, failed shoulder surgeries are all too common—plus my original tear was large, requiring four anchors. But from what I’ve read, having a failed shoulder surgery is not good news because it won’t ever be as good as it could have been.

Left Shoulder: Having an open MRI Thursday to see why there’s grinding, weakness, and pain. MRI’s are not invasive, but no one loves them. You have to lay completely still for forty minutes or so, the darn thing is noisy, and the place I’m going to doesn’t give you headphones with music. At least I’m having an open MRI. The closed ones really suck (hence the cute cartoon).

Anyway, the staff had messed up the order (wrong shoulder and closed machine), but I think I’ve got that straightened out. If the imaging center doesn’t receive the corrected order in time, I’ll reschedule it.

So after today’s news, I was very depressed. Feeling better now, thanks to messaging with a BFF. But I will definitely require hand-holding. You all know by now how much I hate needles! 😱

So please keep your fingers crossed that I won’t need any more surgeries. Frankly, the novelty has quite worn off, thank you very much!


5 thoughts on “I’ve Had Better Days

  1. New Journey says:

    Oh my….I feel for you…..I hate needles to…I just put my mind somewhere else and try to keep totally relaxed as it helps those pesky veins….better to know what’s going on….I have to agree about shoulder surgery….keep well…kat

    Liked by 1 person

  2. New Journey says:

    Oaky I have given the name some thought…..but can’t come up with an exact name, however I have searched different meanings of camera, photography etc….and this is the words I came up with…..I really liked the sound and word “parallelism” – image – reflection – impression – and then I did a search in different languages….I love the spelling Kamera, – fotgrafia – that’s what I cam up with….I still like “Parallelism” the best…good luck…..xxkat

    Liked by 1 person

    • fithotbod says:

      Those are good ideas! The only think I’ve come up with so far is Creative Juices… kinda weird though. I thought of that in case I wanted to talk about other endeavors like writing too. Hmm… not sure yet.

      Liked by 1 person

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