I hit a milestone today. I've logged my food, water, and exercise on My Fitness Pal for 750 consecutive days. That's more than two years!

Logging my exercise helps me to keep track of how many times I'm exercising each week. And I love that I don't have to remember what weight I use for each machine, plus I get stoked when I get to increase my weights.

I find it very helpful to log my food. Sometimes when I feel like eating more food, I think, ooh, if I eat that, I have to log it and see all those calories add up. Or I think, gee, I haven't eaten enough protein, so what can I eat that will help me balance my macros better?

Even if I still just decide, oh what the hell, I want to eat more carbs or go over my caloric limit, at least I've thought twice about it.

Logging my food has made me more mindful, which puts me in control instead of food controlling me.

Keeping a daily food log has also helped me reverse pre-diabetes in about seven months time back in 2015, and I've kept my blood glucose normal ever since. I've also lost about 64 lbs.

My next goal is to lose 30 lbs.

10 thoughts on “Milestone!

  1. mawil1 says:

    I think it helps too. I don’t log my food (though I have done in the past) but I do do a daily weight. Obviously there are fluctuations but you can see trends and the effects lifestyle changes can have.

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    • fithotbod says:

      I agree about daily weighing.

      I was weighing myself daily until last week when suddenly my scale wouldn’t turn on. I’m assuming I need to buy a battery.

      I’d like to measure myself also, because hopefully I’m putting on muscle, which weighs more than fat. My waist looks a bit smaller to me although I hadn’t seen a change on the scale.

      Macros and micros are important to me because I can see what I need to eat—or not eat—every day. It also helps me to take the emotions out of food choices. I no longer think in terms of good and bad, but what’s healthy.

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      • mawil1 says:

        Giving up sugar and flour was good for me – when I first did it I stopped craving sweet stuff all the time. Then I went back normal and slipped back into snacking, then I stopped again and I’m back in control of my apetite again! So yes, no ’emotional’ food choices😊

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      • fithotbod says:

        I can relate! The first thing I did was give up soda cold-turkey, both diet and regular. And dark chocolate sweetened almond milk.

        I drank flavored sparkling water for awhile, but then I got off that too.

        The cravings were difficult at first! But now when I see overly sweet or fattening food or drink, it’s a turn-off.

        The only added sugar I eat now is in my peanut butter. (I hate having to stir peanut butter—it never tastes right either.)

        My idea of a fun summer snack or dessert is to mix Trader Joe’s frozen mixed berries with plain non-fat Greek yogurt, tablespoon of chia seeds, and topped with cinnamon. It’s so cooling too!

        This summer, I’m finally drinking about ten cups/water daily (because I chill it with limes or lemons and mint). Oddly enough, I’ve slowed up on my water consumption the last couple of days and I ate too much bread yesterday.

        So today, I’ve got to get back to drinking more water and eating better. 😊


      • mawil1 says:

        Yes I’ve done something similar! Like you plain yoghurt and berries is my treat now! I’m still eating the dark chocolate though – I was looking at it last night, even the 70% stuff has 3G sugar per piece! I don’t drink soda at all and I know that it would be good for me to drink water instead of coffee. I might plan that as a next step.

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      • fithotbod says:

        It’s really helps to drink water. I have 14 oz of water before and after every meal or snack. Often after I’ve eaten, I’m still hungry, especially after dinner. I drink water so my stomach feels full.

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      • fithotbod says:

        I take sliced lemons or lime, mint, and sliced strawberries, put it in a pitcher and chill. Made a huge difference.

        I used to use only mint but it wasn’t enough. Strawberries can be expensive, but lemons & limes are reasonable at 99 cent stores right now. Squeeze a bit into the water and chill. The best!

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