Workin’ It!

Hey, I’ve worked out ten days in a row! Very cool, huh?

Plus, per a weekly report generated by My Fitness Pal, I stuck to my nutritional goals by consuming an average of 1,255 calories/day of food from Oct 2 – Oct 8. Not only is that right within goal, but it’s especially gratifying considering I had worked out every single day.

My weight loss plateau is officially over!

I’ve got PT tomorrow, which is a workout for my shoulders and arms. I may swim afterwards if the pool is free from ash from the fire. If not, I’ll dance around my bedroom for cardio. 😉

Thursday, I’m hitting the gym. Friday is my last PT for my shoulder. Ever. It looks like I’m finally graduating. 😎

Anyway, it was a good workout today, although it was sandwiched in between two doctor appointments. Since I had limited time, I chose to do 40 minutes of cardio and over 20 minutes of strength training. I managed to hit everything: arms, abs, calfs and legs, and hip adductors.

But the weirdest thing happened after I left the last doctor appointment (which is only a few blocks from the gym). Now get this: after the Cypress gym workout on Sunday, I witnessed a high-speed police chase. When we left the Garden Grove gym on Monday, we were enveloped by smoke and ash. So I couldn’t help but wonder what else would happen today…

And sure enough, just as I was passing the Cypress gym location, I got caught up in traffic. I saw a police car and someone being loaded into an ambulance. Apparently, I had just missed a car crash. Sure hope the person will be OK!

But no more drama after gym. Please!

5 thoughts on “Workin’ It!

      • mawil1 says:

        Wow! That takes a lot of dedication! How does it feel? I only need to lose 10. – 20 pounds, to get to a healthy BMI. I lost a stone but have put it all back on in the last 6months! Not beating myself up about it. Well done you!

        Liked by 1 person

      • fithotbod says:

        Thank you! It does feel good!

        I really think it’s important not to go on a “diet,” at least not the kind people think of as short term. This is how I’m going to eat for the rest of my life. Once I hit goal, I can add more calories but I need to keep up eating healthy foods only and exercising.

        I’ll have to make sure I exercise hard the days before/after Thanksgiving and Xmas because I’ll consume a lot more than 1200 calories on those two days!

        That’s great that you’re so close to a healthy BMI! I’ve still got a ways to go. But every day brings me a little bit closer.


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