Who says shopping is bad for you? 😉

I estimate that I walked and stood for about 7 1/2 hours at South Coast Plaza (both sides) on Friday. However, my entire body later rebelled that night… I couldn’t sleep because I was so sore…!

But we still went to the gym on Saturday. I had a lot of energy, however—so much that a young woman remarked on it and a guy around my age flirted with me (and I wasn’t even wearing makeup!) Lol!

Saturday night, I went to a very joyful party celebrating a very happy occasion, and reconnected with a family I hadn’t seen in several years. That was fun and heartwarming. ❤️

I had eaten an early dinner before going to the party. I didn’t eat one bite of food at the party—it all looked great, but I had already decided before going to the party that I wasn’t going to undo all my hard work for a moment of pleasure. (Besides, food no longer holds sway over me—I control what I eat, not the other way around.)

And I stuck to my decision, even when standing next to a table full of desserts and watching a darling little boy eat a chocolate chip cookie!

It truly was no sacrifice.

If there’s one thing I would like to impart to everyone is that once you get rid of your sugar addiction, you no longer crave sugar. In fact, you no longer really care for sweets. Fruits and vegetables taste amazing to you once again, and learning to cook with an array of spices instead of too much salt and fatty ingredients is sheer heaven.

As for walking all those hours—many of my followers here no doubt remember that even after my meniscus surgery, I couldn’t walk for ten minutes without considerable pain. I had been in physical therapy for several years (shoulder, back and knees) and building muscle at the gym. I now have fairly strong quads, but none of that did enough to alleviate the pain because the meniscus being torn for a decade allowed arthritis to screw up my left knee.

I finally got a cortisone shot in my left knee and then was on prednisone in December for my right knee.

I was lucky; both treatments worked for me.

Today, my body is still recovering from all that walking… that was definitely too much. I had to use Voltaren gel last night in order to get a proper night’s sleep. A massage would be sheer heaven… I’d schedule one but don’t know where to go for a great massage.

So today and tomorrow I’ll be active, but resting. Tuesday is back to the gym. 😊

Total weight loss to date: 97 pounds.

2 thoughts on “Who says shopping is bad for you? 😉

  1. mawil1 says:

    Mmm. I did ditch my sugar addiction – and it was great. Then I let it creep back in and it’s so hard to break free again. But reading your blog reminds me of how beneficial it is- the sugar has to go!

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  2. fithotbod says:

    Yes, it’s great to be free of the cravings. I cut out sodas cold turkey, both diet and regular, and weaned myself off Skinny Cow ice creams. I began eating watermelon and strawberries. Love them both, but I’m hooked on strawberries with nonfat plain Greek yogurt, topped with cinnamon. You could heat up fresh peach slices, or apples or a fruit of your choice, sprinkled with cinnamon, and that could be your topping for your nonfat plain Greek yogurt. Fantastic!


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