Get Rid of Negative Thinking

I had posted about suicide on Facebook last night and surprisingly, I got numerous  comments. I was blown away by the number of people who had been affected by a loved one’s suicide or had contemplated suicide themselves. Then I read another post today that someone was contemplating seeing a therapist in the near future, but she assumed that the therapist would insist that she talk about the distant past, which she really didn’t want to do.

Some people who are tempted to seek therapy are often reluctant to do so partially because they’re under the impression that the therapist will pick apart their childhood and focus on the past. However, therapists today do not focus on the past, but on the present. Many practice cognitive behavioral therapy. The therapist will want to know about your current issues, and will need to know something of your history, but then you’ll be dragged right into the present. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is used in many scenarios, such as depression, anxiety, etc.

This article tells you how to get rid of negative thinking. This is written for those who are suffering from depression, but really, it’s for anyone who wants to get rid of the negative self-talk and turn those thoughts into realistic thoughts.

Read this article that discusses cognitive behavioral therapy for those with anxiety, which may prove helpful to many. Again, the techniques used are similar for depression. The goals are the same… How to replace negative self-talk with realistic self-talk.