Birthday Fun

Amazing Mini Indulgences at Seasons 52

Amazing Mini Indulgences at Seasons 52. I chose the Mocha Macchiato. Only 260 calories.

Wow! What an amazing birthday! More than 90 people wished me happy birthday, mostly on Facebook.  I spent a fantastic day with my family. We went to a Cuban restaurant, Habana, then we saw Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks, and afterwards, we all went to Seasons 52 for their Mini Indulgences desserts. It’s such a pretty place. We sat in a booth in the piano bar and got to hear some Simon & Garfunkel songs.

And then my family gave me my presents. I got totally spoiled by all the girly-girl gifts. You know,  a gift card, makeup, and more makeup (a woman can never have too much makeup.) And men, before you start rolling your eyes, you guys have your toys, too. You know, little inexpensive trinkets such as sports cars, jet skis, motorcycles… pretty much anything with a motor. Well, we gals have our toys, too (makeup, clothes, lingerie, shoes, designer handbags), except ours don’t cost a small fortune like yours do. Haha!

A girl's gotta have her makeup.

A girl’s gotta have her makeup.

And speaking of designer handbags, guess what? I also received a gorgeous designer handbag as one of my gifts. Now I’m really stylin’!