Videoblog: Wild Weather

Amazingly crazy weather in SoCal today! Had a flash flood alert on my cell phone, so I hurried downstairs to tape the rain coming down. Just then, my roomie came home so got him on video. Watch the video… ¬†The poor guy was totally soaked.

Except for the earlier power outage, I am fine. I made a yummy salmon dinner, and yes, I finished off my meal with strawberries. (Need clarification? Read today’s earlier post, An Odd Red-Letter Day, about the power outage and my jonesing for junk food, yet finally deciding that I really wanted nothing more than to sit by a cozy fireplace and celebrate a milestone with an elegant treat.)

But some poor souls are still stuck on freeways. There’s mandatory evacuations in some areas, mudslides, hurricane-force winds, flooding, and tragically, two fatalities. So sad.